Installation of New Furnace 01-F61R

Installation of a new furnace to improve operational sustainability is 97% completed. The new furnace replaces the old furnace 01-F61 which broke down in 2013.

The contract for the new furnace awarded to Verga Engineering is expected to be commissioned in August 2015; and the refinery will be able to process its designed crude capacity of 45,000 barrels per stream day at the CDU.

Currently the capacity of the CDU is 28,000 barrels per stream day as a result of the breakdown of the furnace.

The revamping of the Crude Distillation Unit from 45,000 to 60,000 was factored in the design of the new furnace.

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  1. Ettore Garzoglio
    Ettore Garzoglio says:

    Dear Sirs,

    We wish to inform you that the exact name of our company is “Verga Engineering “(and not “Vega”).
    Thank you and best regards.

    Ettore Garzoglio
    Milano, Italy


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