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  1. Charles K. Nartey
    Charles K. Nartey says:

    The general Ghanaian public will like to know the background of the new MD and especially his suitability for this important position in our energy sector. He could also indicate his vision for TOR now knowing the recent history and the difficulties the nation has been plunged into due to lack of leadership at TOR and the entire energy and power sector.

  2. Habib GÜNAY
    Habib GÜNAY says:

    I wish you success in your new position.
    You haven’t e-mail address on your web page.If you put on, it will be easy to contact with your company to everybody.
    Best regards.
    Habib GÜNAY

  3. Habib Simaila
    Habib Simaila says:

    congratulations to our gargantuan MD….may the lord Almighty sail him through all his endeavors for the betterment of our nation….

  4. Bright Osei Acheampong
    Bright Osei Acheampong says:

    i think he is a good and a competent man so let us pray for him to continue the good work of TOR. knowing his backgroud is good although but supporting him in all fields is the thing needed now. stay blessed new MD, stay blessed TOR, stay blessed mother Ghana.

  5. Tony Osuagwu
    Tony Osuagwu says:

    Congrats Mr. Kingsley, this cap really fits you with your huge experience and humble ways TUR we grow and been a leading refinery in Africa.


    Calaya Engineering Africa

  6. Mahama Ibrahim watara
    Mahama Ibrahim watara says:

    I wish u the best in your new appointment. Do your best for the people of Ghana because many are looking up to you for better and effective management of your new post.


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