Tema Oil Refinery Holds Thanksgiving Service

The Ag. Managing Director of TOR, Mr. Kwame Awuah Darko informed workers that the processing plants have been on stream since February enabling the company to generate significant profit. He indicated that the refinery was also restructuring its operations to become viable and competitive. Mr. Awuah Darko said these during the thanksgiving service held at the refinery on April 29th to thank God for his goodness.

In a sermon by Very Rev. Fr. Nicholas Larsey, the Minister in Charge of St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church, he commended the leadership and workers of TOR for their ingenuity in making TOR work. He admonished management and staff to be fruitful, multiply and subdue the earth (Gen.1:28)

The thanksgiving service was celebrated on the theme ‘Thanking God for smiling on TOR’. The program was laced with musical interludes by the Tema Youth Choir with prayer sessions by both invited and in-house religious leaders.

Management, invited guests and staff were also inspired by Uncle Ebo Whyte with timeless principles.

The refinery in the past years has been faced with operational challenges, but is currently undergoing a restructuring process by focusing on four business centers namely; fuel trading, transmission, refining and storage. TOR resumed full operations in February and has been able to process three million barrels of crude oil within the period.

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