Completion of Turnaround Maintenance Extends to July

TOR’s turnaround maintenance which started in March 2017 and expected to be completed in June will now extend to July 2017. This is due to extensive damage of plant and equipment following TOR’s inability to undertake the normal 18 to 24 months turnaround since 2009.

The extent of damage requires additional spares for repair works.

Currently, the maintenance team is awaiting other critical spares such as air grid, vacuum circuit breakers, and mechanical seals, among other vital parts to complete all outstanding jobs including re-tubing of boiler 6, reactor-regenerator works, old crude heater furnace and a lot more. Nonetheless, about 71% of repair works have been completed at RFCC, 39% at CDU and 39% at Utilities.

The maintenance team is working around the clock to complete repair works by mid July to enable TOR become fully operational.

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