50th Anniversary Planning Committee Inaugurated

The Managing Director, Mr. Ato Ampiah has officially inaugurated a twelve member committee to facilitate planning for the refinery’s 50th anniversary celebrations on September 28, 2013.

Mr. Ampiah speaking to members of the committee said that the anniversary celebration was an important event which should offer TOR the opportunity to portray itself as viable, reflect on its successes and challenges, and chart the path for future growth.

He said that the celebrations should raise the visibility of TOR, and position it as a viable entity so as to instill pride in all those who had kept faith with the refinery from its formative years up to its present state.

He entreated members of the committee to consider the collective efforts and contributions of all stakeholders towards the realization of the objective of the anniversary celebrations.

The chairman of the committee, Dr. A. K.Dorcoo stated that all hands would be on deck to ensure that TOR becomes viable and the centre of attraction in the country and beyond during the yearlong celebration. He assured the Managing Director that the committee would submit a provisional report soon.

The members of the planning committee include Aba Lokko, Messer S. K. Krakow, Emmanuel Darko, Bernard Enstiwah, Adolf Addison and Albert Pinto. The others are Mrs. Angela Heymann, Abigail Ahulu, and Olivia Osafo. The rest include Messer Kofi Amo-Asante and Emmanuel Eduah Offoh.