Tema Oil Refinery (TOR) is the premier and only refinery in Ghana. The refinery was among the first eight refineries in Africa as at 1963. Our refinery is a 45,000 barrel per stream day (bpsd) capacity Crude Distillation Unit and supplies this quantity out of the national demand of 65,000 bpsd.

The 14,000 bpsd Residue Fluid Catalytic Cracker (RFCC) Unit converts atmospheric air to higher   value finished products.

Our processing plants are relatively new by European and US standards

Our company has highly-skilled human resource

The refinery is situated in Tema about 24 kilometers east of the capital, Accra. It was originally named the Ghanaian Italian Petroleum (GHAIP) Company and incorporated as a Private Limited Liability Company under the Companies Ordinance (Cap 193) on December 12, 1960.

It was 100% owned by the ENI Group (Ente Nationalie Indrocarburi) of Italy. The Government of Ghana bought all the shares of GHAIP in April 1977 and became sole shareholder. In 1990 the name was changed to the Tema Oil Refinery (TOR).

Relationship with BDC’s

TOR procures crude oil, refine, and forward sell to Bulk Distribution Companies (BDC’s) for onward distribution to Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs).  The BDCs post unconfirmed Letters of Credit in dollars to reduce the risk of non-payment.  Previously, TOR sold directly to OMCs on credit.

Storage Capacity

The refinery’s capacity to produce and store LPG has improved from 7,560 to 10,560 metric tonnes. The total storage of the refinery for both crude oil and finished petroleum products has increased from 340,000 metric tonnes to 1,000,000 metric tonnes. The refinery provides storage services for the Bulk Distribution Companies for a fee subject to availability of storage space.

Board of Directors

A nine-member Board of Directors exist to oversee policy matters of the company. Eight of them are non-executive members and are appointed by the sole shareholder, the Government of Ghana. The Board then appoints the Managing Director.


This is made up of the Managing Director, nine General Managers, Managers and Supervisors who see to the day to day administration of the company.


The total staff strength is 735.

Future Plans

With the discovery of oil and gas in Ghana, the company has positioned itself to expand and improve its infrastructure to ensure reliability of petroleum products on the Ghanaian market and also to export to the ECOWAS Sub region.

TOR intends to become the first choice for Bulk Distribution Companies (BDC) for finished petroleum products. TOR also intends to explore the petrochemical area of the petroleum business.

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