New AG. Managing Director Assures Staff Of Better Times

The new Ag. Managing Director of TOR, Dr. Alphonse Kwao Dorcoo has assured staff of a better year as management embarks on key strategies to explore new opportunities for a variety of crude oil sources for uninterrupted supply to ensure plant availability.

He added that the company was vigorously pursuing the supply of Atmospheric Residue as feed stock for the RFCC to improve the refinery’s margins.

He therefore called on all staff to act with renewed determination, commitment, speed, and positive attitude to turn the fortunes of the refinery around.

In his message of hope to staff at the festival of nine lessons and carol held at the refinery, he stated that the fortunes of the refinery will turn around. He added that the company will strive to get the needed funds to fix the processing plant and focus on projects started under the Plant Stabilization and Profit Enhancement programme which include investing in, and maintaining the processing plants.


Dr. Dorcoo, touching on safety, said that he was ready to champion the safety awareness drive which had already started in the refinery and urged staff to rededicate and commit themselves to safety. He stated that the company will uphold and promote highest standards of safety practices in the workplace, placing high premium on safety, health, environment and social responsibility. Safety he said will be at the heart of the refinery’s operation such that the refinery will become one of the safest places to work in.

Process Review of CDU

The Ag. Managing Director indicated that the company had finalized feasibility studies for the construction of the stand alone 120,000 barrels per stream day and was in the process of getting new investors to partner to achieve this feat.

Challenging Times

Dr. Dorcoo said that 2013 was a challenging year for the refinery with the processing plants performing below average, the exodus of some of its experienced technical staff, inconsistent supply of crude oil together with constrains on finances which significantly resulted in the refinery’s low work outcomes.

The company, however, continued to deliver on its restructuring agenda which began in 2011 in implementing the Plant Stabilization and Profit Enhancement projects as a foundation to ensure plant reliability, sustainability and optimization.

Preparation for Turnaround Maintenance

He indicated that to improve plant reliability, the maintenance team were in earnest preparation for a major turnaround maintenance scheduled for the first quarter of 2014.  In view of the said programme, critical spare parts needed are at the various stages of procurement.  He informed staff that some of the parts have arrived at the refinery while others are still awaiting clearing.

Strategic partnership

The Ag. Managing Director informed staff that management was ready to enter into partnership with strategic investors to enable TOR gain competitive advantage and become profitable.

Dr. Dorcoo expressing management’s intentions on the human capital of the refinery said that the company strategies on the human resource retention were on course to make staff feel valued and minimize turnover. He said the company was focusing on building the capacity of staff with structured training programmes, a well developed succession planning, and the development of performance based reward system that is valid, reliable and fair.