TOR To Start Phase Three Of Automatic Tank Gauging System

TOR would soon start work on phase three of reactivating the automatic tank gauges on the refinery’s additional storage tanks.

The project which involved the installation of radar and a multi-point temperature as well as tank side indicators, is to minimize product losses whiles ensuring efficiency, reliability and trust in the mass, volume and level measurement of product stocks.

The automatic gauging systems project which is in phases, involves the fitting of gauges on forty four storage tanks in phase one.  The second phase involved rehabilitation of the completed project, where damaged equipments were replaced following the effects of devastating floods at the refinery in 2009. Phase three will have the additional storages tanks already commissioned also fitted with the automatic gauges.

The first and second phases of the project which have been completed are yet to be fine-tuned by the contractor, M/s Liquid Automated Services of South Africa within the first quarter of 2014.