TOR workers sensitized on Hepatitis B


Hepatitis B may lead to liver sclerosis and cancer and eventually terminate the life a person. This was disclosed by Dr. Ahenkorah, the chief medical officer who also doubles as GM for Health, Safety, Security and Environment of TOR.

Dr. Ahenkorah made the statement at a forum organized by the Women’s Wing Committee of the Ghana Transport, Petroleum and Chemical Workers’ Union (GTP &CWU) of Trade Union Congress (TUC) on the programme “Hepatitis B Infection and Alcohol Abuse.” He explained that Hepatitis B is an inflammation of the liver which is caused by a virus which may be acquired through bacterial infection of the blood.

He educated workers on the disease touching on vital areas such as, the structure and functions of the liver, the means of infection, diagnosis, complications involved and treatment. He also elaborated on the protection and prevention of the disease. He cited protected sex and avoidance of blood tainted sharp objects as some means of protection.

Dr. Ahenkorah confirmed that the effectiveness of the drugs for treating the disease is in doubt. He however added that complete vaccination of three doses provided life-long protection for healthy people.

The MD of TOR Isaac Osei and some sectional managers were present to grace the occasion.

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